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Hi and thanks to those who have written. I am SO tired. Things went swimmingly through to Epinal. Travelled along the roads less travelled; hardly another motorist in site along the stretches of l o n g, s t r a i g h t country roads. The previous night I’d picked up a directory of a certain hotel chain and made for their Epinal one. Close to my destination, I stopped in a car park to collect my thoughts and book the room when I guy asked if he could help. I told him the hotel and he said for me to follow him as he knew exactly where it was. Half an hour later, along a vast stretch of dual carriageway, darkness settling in together with rain he pulled over at a cafe and announced he was lost!! Satnav had taken me within what must have been half a km of the hotel so I was absolutely furious with him. In fact I told him to … off! In the cafe, I calmed down and asked where the hell I was and did anyone know of a nearby hotel. A guy said he knew of one and if I would follow him he’d take me there!!!!!! My brain was numb. I said OK. Bingo. And here I am in.. um… Remiremont, south of Epinal, having put in ten hours of driving. Not to be recommended. Night all!

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  1. Anonymous

    you are old enough to know better than to accept help from strangers , don’t do it again!!!!!!. rely on satnav and take a bit of a break. Better to take a couple of days longer than to have an accident , love Joyce x

  2. eileen williams

    Hev, I was so concerned when I read your message about the ride into darkness with a guy who said he knew the way – it sounded very scary. Yeh, stick to your Satnav and rest up my friend. Don’t want anything to happen to you. It reminded me of the time of was hitching off the beaten track (back in the 70s!) on some mountain road on the outskirts of Vienna and I accepted a lift from a bloke who I didn’t realise was drunk until I got into the passenger’s seat and saw a half empty bottle of scotch there. I thought I wouldn’t get out alive as he drove recklessly on winding mountain roads and his hands kept straying from the wheel if you get my drift. It was snowing too. I somehow got out of the car once we got close to Vienna and got a ride with a lovely couple who took me straight to the YHA. I shall never forget that ride.
    Take care Hev. Love Eileen.

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