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Yes, I made it. Arrived this afternoon back on the island. Will tell all when I get my act together.
Thanks to everyone who has written to me. It was very much appreciated. Have a look here in a couple of days. I should have unpacked and sorted myself out by then. xxxx

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  1. eileen williams

    Phew! Glad to here Hev you are home safe and sound. Will look forward to reading more about homebound trip when you have a chance to rest up a bit.
    Love Eileen.

  2. Anonymous

    Glad to hear you are back & all went well. Good walk yesterday to Penshurst & back. weather much improved here since you went back!!! Hope to hear more.

  3. Heather Parsons

    Hi Chris. Wish I’d been with you. Really miss my walks, the company and the Kent country-side. Not happy about being back at all. Say Hi to everyone. See you at Christmas. x

  4. Harley

    Have enjoyed very much reading about your epic journey with your faithful friend. You are very courageous undertaking such a journey on your own (and in such a little car!). I have thought about doing the return journey to Skopelos, starting from the UK, but have baulked at the idea, owing to the time/mileage factors and the practicalities of taking one’s canine friend (plus wife!)on such an adventure. You seemed a little despondent upon your return to Skopelos – What are your thoughts on the matter, would you prefer to be living over here these days? I guess there are pros and cons to both places, all things considered. Anyway take care (and stop being so trusting of strangers!) Best Wishes.

  5. harley boys

    Amazing what a google search can do !!
    Enjoyed reading your blog.
    Still the ever green traveller i see.
    I have a few Blogs myself as i also have the love of travelling beautiful countryside but not by foot,too tiring,but by Bike.

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