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20161005_130144-1We’ve just said ‘Good-bye'(9 October) to Emily from the US and Jack from the UK who have been working here since 18 September. They were excellent volunteers and worked very hard indeed without complaint! We did a bit of maintenance on the Retsina Trail but concentrated mainly on the new Monks Trail, Glysteri. We’ve widened the first portion up to the Tsukalus spring and actually reopened the trail from the spring upwards, where we found a buried calderimi. Having done that, with a view to joining it up to the trail leading to the rubbish tip, Jack found ANOTHER calderimi leading AWAY from that direction. It’s very wide and in excellent condition. However, on their last working day, we reached a collapsed avraya (supporting wall) with rocks so large it would take more than a couple of people to lift back into position. But where does it lead?
The next volunteer, Cindy Sheahan from Canada, arrives 11 October.

  1. Peter booth

    Hi there,
    I’m on the island at the moment and would be willing
    to volunteer for a couple of days if you need any extra
    I look forward to hearing from you

    Kind regards

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