October news

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Another busy month. Firstly Ariside & Camille arrived from France. We continued reopening the path at the mill and removed vast amounts of foliage. We have done all we can from the plane tree to the watermill aqueduct.

Volunteers Ariside and Camille
the result of nearly two months work
Cleared aqueduct, Michelaki

We then started on, what I have called the Palouki Forest Trail, which runs between the examini (water tank) Ag Triada and Ag Anna junction. This is a beautiful, shady trail which gets the hiker off the dirt road.

Palouki Forest Trail
GPS of clearing Palouki Forest Trails

Vaiva from Lithuania arrived on 26th, in time to celebrate the completion of the PFT.

We then went back and completed a sweet stretch of trail that I used to take years ago but had got completely blocked situated between Ag Iannis Kambos and a lane that takes one eventually to The Watermill. This was a particularly difficult trail to clear due to its narrowness and nowhere to throw the clippings.

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