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For the last two days, two over 60 gals have been snipping away and have managed to clear a long portion of calderemi. It is part of the old route to Ag Riginos, Pirgos. The first portion can be found just after the T junction at Diakopi, a few steps towards Anania. The rocky path meanders up to the small church of Ag Nikolaos (with a new house next to it). The track we cleared starts in the top left hand corner and climbs to the top of the Anania hill, beside the property of the late Apostolis Patsis. The Spanish broom (Spartium juncreum), Cistus, Asparagus acutifolius, to name but a few, had totally taken over and had closed the route. We cleared some parts right back to the dry stone wall, just so you can see how beautiful it is. Go take a look and enjoy!

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