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The Samba Band festival in Coburg is a hectic, noisy, crowded, expensive three day event held annually for the last 16 years. Surprisingly not so well organised, dad and I (being separate from the rest of the band, who were camping) spent a lot of time trying to find where they were supposed to be. The main accommodation for all the bands was at a school. The main hall was converted into a huge dormitory. I spent my first night at dad’s hotel, the second in their loft and the third in the hall, which meant I had to buy a sleeping mat. However, it was free, as was the breakfast. Last night, everyone had to leave the school grounds as the kids were back – amazingly, the schools are still open here at the moment. So it was back to the hotel. The temperature rose yesterday and the fire department opened fire hydrants and sprayed the bands as they passed to keep them cool. They also had a massive fan in operation.
Poor dad found the whole thing rather tiring and I found them rather thoughtless at times as to his age when it came to arrangements.
Here are some images of Dad’s band, Bloco Fogo, plus their mascot Bloco Fogo Dogo!
So this afternoon, its back on the road for me I think, heading to Cologne where I’ll stay at a friend’s place. Dad leaves tomorrow morning.

  1. eileen williams

    Hi Hev,

    What a time you appear to be having – but the autobahns in Germany put a shiver down my spine. Yorgi looks like such a happy dog and he must think it is Christmas, all the excitement: how will he ever be able to settle to island life again after the high life on the road! Just loving reading about all your travels. You could be a travel writer as well I reckon!
    Lots of love, Eileen in Oz.

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