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With co-operation from the Elios local council, we plan to have a few volunteers from Workaway to help us clear the old calderemi (stone path) from Pirgos down to Platanakia. This path is in excellent condition, affording beautiful views and it would be fantastic to get it open and in use. Councilor Mary Diamantis will accommodate our volunteers, arrange meals and the loan of the tools we will need for this project. It will take place in April. If you are interested in helping out, if only for a few hours, please contact me.

It is also hoped to re-open the valley path from Tjelili up to Karia. Who wants to walk on the new superhighway when we can walk in the steps of the Skopelitis of old in the safety of a cool valley.

Inspired by a couple on holiday who volunteer for the UK Bat Trust, I hope to run evening bat walks. So little is known on the island about these fascinating creatures. I hope to identify which species we actually have. Three possible types have already been identified. If you have had an experience/encounter with bats on Skopelos, please tell me your story.

I’ve been asked by the local authorities to GPS the location of all the ancient calderimia for prosperity. I was going to do this anyway as I now have the technology! This information will be posted on this site as it becomes available to help self-guided hikers.

Finally, I am told that boards with trail information will be appearing shortly around the island. I found this out by accident. My input was not asked. Nor was I asked for advice before the terrible, new stone paths were constructed. Do I sound bitter?!

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  1. Richard Taylor

    Hi Heather,


    We’re stayed last year in Villa Augusta in Raches. Every morning we got up find bats droppings all over the patio! No problem but we couldn’t work out why. One night we laid in wait and saw what looked like a whole colony of bats flying around, then we realised they were drinking the water from the villa’s aircon as it just drained on to the terrace. They were drinking and paddling! I’ve no idea what species they were although they were bigger than the Pippestrele bats were have here on the Isle of Wight. They were amazing to watch! Loved them! Made our holiday. There are definitely loads of bats up at Raches!

  2. Michael Demetriou

    iHi Heather..I just got an email from you about needing financialbut it help as you are stuck without passport or money in Ukraine! My feeling is that your emai contacts have been hacked which if correct, probably means everyone in your contacts for the heso the replyvskopellos address have also had the same. In case it is scam and you didnt know, I’m trying to contact you via a different method
    so it doesn’t go back to them. Of course you may be trouble but it didn’t ting true.
    wierd thing was I had just been looking up Skopelos for a possible visit this summer!

    Kind regards

    Mike Demetriou

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