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Hi friends in cyberland! The sun is out, in Kent at least, and the news is full of the dangers of mozzy bites. They must be hardup for news methinks.

Last Sunday, Yorgi and I motored down to Salisbury (got lost) and what should have been a lunch date ended up an evening dinner with my friend Graham. Before eating we took a walk along the river from Salisbury to Old Sarum. It was England at its best. Everything from the walk itself, the views, the little English Heritage shop, even the loos (why do I still feel guilty about putting paper down them?!) Yorgi had a lovely time playing on the lawns. He’s really into lawns! He’s a good ice-breaker too. Complete strangers come up and start talking to us and children fall to their knees to pet him.

  1. eileen williams

    Hi Hev,

    I’ve been off the air a bit these few days, so hadn’t caught up with your blog, but it was so great to see that you are still blogging away (is that the correct term!). Anyway I loved your Dad’s garden – just as I remember English gardens to be, lawn with a round garden bed in the middle, and were they fox gloves on the border? Your Dad’s band looks so cool in red and yellow clobber. I hope you drove home ok after your jazz night out. I’ve just realised why you have called your dog Yorgi – seeing him side-on in full length -he has a bit of corgi in him I think and probably Yorkshire terrier!

    It’s been warm here last couple of days around 23 degrees, thank goodness as the cold was really getting to me, so I’ve been out in the backyard again looking at the gum trees and parrots and feeding the goat next door (that the bloke next door brought back from his trip out in the bush).

    Was that Graham in the photo with dog?

    It is lovely that you are getting out and about around England and enjoying yourself. Yorgi’s obviously enjoying himself too especially English lawns by the sounds of it.
    Love Eileen (Downunder)

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