Times in Tonbridge

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Hi guys! Left is dad’s band, Bloco Fogo. You can see dad in the middle row, second in front the right. Their next gig is this Saturday when they’ll be playing at Maidstone River Festival. Right is Dad and Yorgi in the front garden.

Last night Dad, a girl from the band and I went to a local pub to listen to a jazz trio. They were fab. What a way to spend an evening; a pint of Bombadier and good jazz. After my second pint, it dawned on me that I was the driver and the only one drinking. Woops.

  1. Ann and Rob

    Dear Heather,

    You are sooo clever – a great writer a good photographer and a wicked blogger. Your bits on the trip and your photos are very lively – but please take the scenic route back to Skopelos and not the autobans. I want you to be there, in one piece and not a gibbering wreck when I come to Skopelos on Oct 5th. Hope the rest of the time in England is good for you – jazz and beer sounds just right! Lots of love, Ann

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