Life In Merry Old (wet) England

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To all my friends on Skopelos, we are not underwater here in Tonbridge. My hike this morning was undertaken in trainers and wasn’t even wet underfoot. Lucky we seem to be as there are a lot of poor sods who are not so fortunate.

Yesterday, Dad’s Bloco Fogo band played at a do organised by a local animal rescue farm near Biggin Hill. It was so wonderfully English: games for the kids, a beer tent, candy floss, doggie events, second hand stalls, bee keepers and patchwork/spinning tents, chainsaw sculptors! Plus all the visitors with their dogs. Yorgi was so overwhelmed, he just wanted to go back to the car. He’d never seen so many dogs! After seeing the umteenth notice about YOUR DOG COULD DIE IF YOU LEAVE IT IN YOUR CAR! I went back and rescued Yorgi from….. nothing….and sitting on a bail of hay, we watched dad play with his band. The audience was somewhat… dry.

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  1. eileen williams

    Oh Hev, it was so terrific to see you at the Biggin Hill thingy and fabulous photo of you and Yorgi – you look like Goldie Horn in that snap! The event reminded me of a similar one I went to in UK at Chalfont St Giles – all dogs, and pet ferrets and tents for afternoon tea and competition flower displays and cakes. It was wonderful. Just great that you are getting around with your Dad as he plays in his band – does anyone think you might be a groupie (sorry, just kidding).

    More photos please of ‘in and around Tonbridge’, and more of you, Yorgi and Dad.
    Love, Eileen, Central Coast Australia

  2. Anonymous

    Goldie who ? or does she mean Hawn ? that may not be a compliment, Heather !!!!!

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