Spring 2018 Trail Clearing Programme has started

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I’m delighted that we’ve started work after, what seemed, a very long winter. The trails have got off lightly due to mild weather conditions. Again, I have Workaway volunteers to help me. Our first of the season are Monique and Sam from Canada and they are being hosted by the ever generous Regas House hotel (Spirou Group).

I selected a trail that was easy to reach and one that I have in fact never cleared! I’d forgotten how beautiful it is. It’s part of Walk no. 11 where it cuts the corner from just beyond Stavrodromo and Potami. I believe this partial calderimi was created as a way to the Potami spring. Sadly, the calderimi portion that existed in the actual Potami valley as been asphalted over. As usual, what remains is well placed with shade.



Monique and Sam from Canada

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  1. Hannah

    Dear Heather

    I’d like to come and help you for a couple of weeks in May and have tried emailing you but it bounced back, perhaps you could email me instead please?

    I look forward to hearing back from you soon hopefully.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Dan Harvey

    I have just arrived on the Island. Where can I buy a copy of your book? I might also be available for a few days to assit you in trail clearing. My email address is danhrv@gmail.com and at present I am staying at the Hotel Regina.

    Kind regards

    Dan Harvey

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