Sunny Saturday

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Yes, the sun is shining, the day looks beautiful and it is, according to the weather report, going to be about 21C today.

I have been busy contacting people in Yorkshire and have them all lined up for next week. If all goes well – or at least as I have planned – then I should be finished by next Friday. However, we all know about well laid plans …

We have some belongings stored at Candice and Geoffs and I have been re-acquainting myself with them. Now, do I really need a 3 tier cake stand, an Austrian wine filter and a Victorian flower pot, as well as a framed print of Greenwich University (which I suspect is a a goodbye present given to Rob). I have 3 large boxes to take to Yorkshire with me but I may do some culling when I get there (after mature consideration, of course) and get rid of them!

As I was coming through duty free out of Auckland I picked up a device that I can plug into the cigarette lighter bit in a car and the other end into my (well Rob’s really) iPod and can play all my chosen music in the car – a very nice grey car (a Peugeot, so Geoff tells me) – as I beetle up the motorway to Yorkshire. This will vastly enhance my driving experience early on Sunday morning.

However, first, Ed and Jan are coming over to Candice and Geoffs for lunch today and I am so looking forward to seeing them. Candice and I have prepared lunch, Geoff has set up the table on the lawn and – as I said – the sun is shining. Now, what more can one ask for, good food, weather and friends, so I shall have a very pleasant afternoon, before packing this evening for departure tomorrow.

Ticton Grange, where I am staying on Sunday night has no internet contact, so I will blog from Yorkshire , but possibly not till Monday or Tuesday evening when I am with David and Maureen. So, thats all for now. Love to everyone of you. Ann

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  1. Sue

    Hi Ann,
    me again.
    Hope you had a lovely day. Table set up on the lawn, good food, sun shining down and friends you haven’t seen in a long time to share lunch with, sounds like bliss.
    And by now I guess you’re well on the road to Yorkshire in your little Peugeot with your favourite tunes blaring from the iPod.
    Rob called in to the garden centre today to arrange Daisy’s day care stay tomorrow. Lucy is very happy to be having some doggie company and I could see the word “treats” in her eyes when I told her Daisy was coming.
    It was a true spring day, sunshine and rain alternately, and in typical fashion began to rain when it was time for Rob to continue on his way to Christines. He was on his way to deliver the “to do” lists you had prepared for her. I would like to have driven him up but, as we were rather busy, instead sent him off with the loan of a very large garden umbrella. I trust he made it there and back without getting too drenched.
    Hope you have fun getting reaquainted with yet more of your stored goodies when you get to Yorkshire.
    Have fun,
    love Sue.

  2. Coralie

    Hi Ann,
    It must have been fun looking through all your belongings at Candice’s.
    Three tier cake stand, well maybe.
    Sounds wonderful lunching in the garden, I’m sure he has it just beautiful. Wonderful to have the sun.
    Safe traveling up the highway and enjoy Ticton Grange.
    Love Coralie

  3. Ann

    Hello my dears, good to hear from both of you again. Yes, the drive up was fine, a beautiful sunny day; and looking through everything was very weird and a bit emotional taken together with seeing our lovely house again. Oh well, I didn’t expect this to be easy. Still there are bright rays too – more than the grey ones in fact. So, thanks for writing and will talk again soon. Love. Ann

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