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It doesn’t matter how much or how little I sleep on a flight I still get the 3am wide awakes. So here I am at 5am drinking tea and eating peaches. The flight was long but as comfortable as any flight could be. Unheard of, it took 24 minutes to clear passport and baggage at Heathrow and to come out the other side where Candice and Geoff were equally surprised. What struck me – just lots of people, lots of cars, lots of busyness. Candice and Geoff as usual cossetted and cared for me and fed me – delicious food – and by 9pm (well 8 actually – but that was in front of the TV) I was sound asleep in bed, so that I could wake up totally alert at 3am and wonder why the rest of the world was absent. I am having a lazy day today and collecting the car, shopping for lunch for tomorrow when Ed and Jan come to join us and then after Candice has returned from work (about 2pm) we shall be off to Bluewater for some girl fun. So, I hope all of you are just fine out there. Will log on soon. Love. Ann

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  1. Sue

    Hi Ann,
    glad to hear you’ve arrived safe and sound and not suffering too much with jet lag. Well tea and peaches at 5am can’t be too bad can it.
    You were very lucky to have such a quick trip through immigration and customs. Standing in queues for hours is not what one feels like doing after a 36 hour flight from the other side of the world.
    Hope you’ve had a lovely day and done lots of catching up with friends.
    Looking forward to hearing all about it in your next blog.
    Love Sue.

  2. Coralie

    Hi Ann,
    Heard from Rob about all your goings on over there. Pleased all went well once you arrived.
    Nice that you went shopping and got some clothes.
    Hot here today, filled up the bins with compost etc. Am now busy doing typing for Chris, rather a lot, good though.
    Nice to lunch with Rob and Daisy yesterday and coffee this morning.
    The car sounds great you have.
    Love Coralie

  3. Ann

    Hello You two,

    It was lovely to log on and to see your message Sue – you are always first; we shall have to rename you ‘Speedy Sue’.

    Now, Coralie, good to hear from you, but if you recount what Rob has told you you will leave me nothing to blog about!!!!

    Rob tells me the sun is shining and the weather is settling into spring – sounds good for all of you. Just make sure it continues that way till after I return please!.
    Take care. Love you. Ann

  4. Eleni

    Ann, Are you in Kent now? We really wanted to catch up! I posted a message on your facebook, never used blogger before apart from reading some of your messages whilst you were on your last trip, I’m finding a bit confusing at the moment. Was invited to change my password three times before I could get in here, fustrating!

    It would be lovely to see you! Post me something on Facebook if you get a chance and maybe we could still sort something out. I hope this gets to you.
    Love Eleni xxx

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