Twas the night before ……

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Well, OK it’s not Christmas. But the sort of intense work I have done the last few days makes it feel like the run-up to Christmas, and I am exhausted. But everything is done. Rob has his recipes, work has been tidied, Daisy and Sissy will want for nothing – even the worms have been tended, turned, fed and fixed up for the next few weeks. I’ve even finished packing early and have come in at a respectable 36kg. Not bad considering I left with 45kg last time. I have made sure I have no knives (unlike last time) in my hand luggage, and certainly no creams, gels or potions – so I guess I shall arrive like a shriveled up prune.

I think all this intense preparation is my attempt to control what I can and to de-emphasise how open and relatively uncertain/unorganised my time away is at present. Because of not knowing how quickly things will resolve themselves in Hornsea the rest of the time has been left open-ended. So I have not been able to plan my itinerary in the way that I had all dates times sorted when I last travelled. I am not anxious, and although I don’t know where I will be sleeping for a lot of the time, I do know that there are lots of beds available to me and if I am not near one, then there is always the credit card!

Anyway, I hope the next time I log in I shall be with Candice and Geoff in Hextable, waking at ridiculous times of the night as jet lag receeds and getting ready to travel to Hornsea on Sunday 16th. Till then, lots of love to all.

Meanwhile, try these 3-4 second videos taken on a visit to Russell. The reason they are so short was that I didn’t realise I was taking them!! Ann


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