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So the spring is well and truly gone. Emmanuel and I kept going clearing July evenings until the heat got silly and we decided to call it a day for the time being. So now September is nearly upon us and trail clearing will soon resume with a fresh intake of volunteers from Germany, Spain, Australia and Ireland. Regular volunteer Anita will also be back to help out during her holiday.

The most popular guided hike continued to be Skopelos to Panormos, a swim and late bus back. A portion of this trail is endangered by a sneeky land-owner and a close eye is being kept on the situation.

An official complaint was lodged at the town hall regarding fences on the Kimissia trail. The council handed the situation over to The Forestry the week before our tragic fire at Amaranthos.  What’s our little fence problem compared to that? But it has to be resolved eventually.

Geocaching continued to attract a few enthusiasts but some caches disappeared and others needed some maintenance. The Moutero spring GPS got sorted at last via a proper GPS rather than an app.

We also experienced The Most Amazing solar eclipse. I wonder what the next season has in store?


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  1. Frank Carr

    Dear Heather Parsons,
    My wife and I will be arriving in Skopelos for 2 weeks on Friday 21st September, staying in Skopelos Town. Are you still doing guided walks of Skopelos Town? If so, we would be interested to know when and where from. Also, we would like to do a few walks on the island; at our age half day rather than full day walks might be best, and would like to buy a few walk guides from you if you can recommend any.

    We are staying at the Hotel Rigas, and will probably hire a car for part of our stay. It would be great to hear from you.

    • Heather Parsons

      Hi there and thanks for your message. I am indeed still doing guided hikes and walks. If you’d like to contact me once you arrive, we can arrange something. As well as a town walk, I can also guide you on a three hour circular hike. We can discuss other recommendations when I see you.

  2. Lorraine waller

    Dear Heather my partner and I are staying in skiathos from Friday 21st , we have planned to go over to skopelos on Monday 24th til Wednesday 26th staying in skopelos town we would like to do your circular hike, how much do you charge , regards Lorraine and Paul

    • Heather Parsons

      Could do a circular hike fro Skopelos town to the spring of Ag Marina. Price E15 each. I can only do 24th as already have a commitment on 25th.

  3. Lauren Duff

    Hi Heather! I am interested in a private tour with my husband and I to the mama Mia sites around Skopelos. I read that you did Jeep tours previously but perhaps no longer? My husband and I are avid hikers though and are also interested in the mama Mia hiking tour. We will be in Skopelos on 6/2 and 6/3- do you have any availability?
    I did try to book the mama Mia hiking tour on your webpage but it isn’t working. Do you have an email address?

    Thanks so very much! And your black doggie is a cutie. We have 3- I’m pretty passionate about rescuing dogs. 😉

    Lauren Duff

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