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Three volunteers have just left and two more will be arriving tomorrow. It was particularly sad to say goodbye to Sylvan and Morag from New Zealand. Sylvan was a dab hand with the chain-saw.

Emily, Sylvan, Morag, Pamela
We have now cleared the calderimi on Anania hill and down to where it meets the asphalt road at Pirgos. The Ag Reginos portion was cleared in April and the section down towards Elios was cleared last October. We will be now working on a portion just below the church which has been closed for quite some years by new tree growth. It will then be only the recreation of the trail (no calderimi unfortunately) down to Elios itself from Platanakia.

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  1. Carlotta

    Hello Heather, how has your summer been so far?!
    I’ve found you through workaway, but as I just have done an helpx account I was looking to contact you directly. I’m Carlotta from Italy, I’ve been living two years in Australia as well. I’m travelling Greece in September but through the end of the month and October I’d also like to work and explore a bit the inside. I like hiking a lot, I like working hard expecially in nature as I find it always more rewarding than hard.
    I’d like to know if you possibly need an super positive tiny italian in your team for a while!

    I send you my best for now,
    Carlotta : )

    • Heather Parsons

      Hi and thanks for your interest. I’m sorry, but I’m chotta block full for September and October with a waiting list. If I owned a hostel and a minibus and had lots of money to feed volunteers, we’d get all the paths cleared in no time. But I have very limited space in my house (just my spare bedroom) and a tiny kitchen and bathroom. I always feel bad about saying NO but it’s just not possible. If you want to come and stay at your own expense, then let me know. I wish you lots of luck in finding a fun assignment. Kind regards Heather

  2. Charles Jones

    Dear Heather, I have just read your comments to Carlotta ( Her name is probably a derivative of mine, the things you learn eh)and taking it literally, does that mean all your walks are fully booked for next month, hopefully not? My wife and are are coming to Skopelos for our holiday and , having seen your site since we booked our trip, I was hoping to join one or more of your trips. It will be a disappointment if you are fully booked , still, c’est la vie,as they say .( I have never actually heard anyone saying that, come to think of it. 🙂
    Here’s hoping that you will have some spaces left if even for a day,
    Yours sincerely, Charlie Jones.

    • Heather Parsons

      Oh I wish! No. I’m full for the volunteers that come and help clear the footpaths, not for clients wishing to hike!! There are always plenty of spaces for the hikes. Just contact me and I’ll book you in.

  3. Roger

    Hi Heather, I just sent you a request for the Skopelos Town walk and we are looking forward to exploring with you as our expert guide!!



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