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Walk 18 to Elios. The portion of trail from Pirgos up to the tiny church of Ag Reginos, page 63 picture 69 of Skopelos Trails, is now open. It’s about 1km long and took the two of us 5 days to clear. About 3/4s in, the path disappears. I believe there must have been a landslide. So we had to create a new track; but you’ll have to make your way up a rather step incline to join the main road and the church. HOWEVER, upon inspection of the track FROM the church down towards Elios, there are many fallen trees, so we have to make a start there now. Our work is never done! Thank goodness for the chain saw. This type of clearing would not have been possible without it. Thank you so very much again, to all the people who donated. The balance of the money is being spent on fuel and oil for the saw.

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