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It’s THAT time of year again unfortunately; tics and green-eyed horse flies (locally called ‘devils’ diavolos). Both are after your blood so be careful. In the meantime, we are two pairs of hands down; Pamela got badly slashed by some … Continued

Walks 13-16 section 57

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We’d been told about fallen trees blocking this section so decided to have a look. Not good. But we made a start on the first blockage nearest Sotiros. The tree was so big, my chainsaw was too small, but we’ve … Continued

Another Trail Reopened

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Delighted to say that Walk 6 section 22-23 IS NOW OPEN AGAIN!! We worked very hard indeed on this trail, not only removing the fallen trees and shrubs but also widening it. We’ve already started on the continuation of this … Continued

Days of Bliss

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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Marian, Tasos and their 4 very well-behaved children. Marian has a useful travel blog and she has written not only about Skopelos but also about my trail clearing work. You … Continued


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Wishing to try out my plasterless ankle with the minimum of walking involved, I decided to give the trail from Ag Marina spring towards mon. Sotiros a widening. This trail is regularly used by Spiro the goatherd and from the … Continued


This small, well-made section of calderimi was totally blocked. It is now reopen. Cleared by new volunteer Kristyn Arnold from Santa Fe, USA and Steve Taylor from the UK, who sadly leaves us today (Tuesday 25 April). Steve was part … Continued

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