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Before setting off, remember to take water with you. Check with the Skopelos Trails guide book if there’s a spring enroute from which you can replenish your water bottle. There’s also a list of all the springs across the island … Continued

Sofia’s 39 Steps

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I was recently invited to a wonderful, gastronomic evening, together with volunteers Hamish, Flaminia and Emilie,(Sophia from Del Sol was also there). This was a personal ‘thank you’ from Sofia for the work that Skopelos Trails does. Thank YOU Sofia. … Continued

Good-bye Flaminia & Hamish

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Together with Emilie and myself, these volunteers worked so hard on The Monk’s Trail and I thank them so very much. As if the wasps weren’t enough, we had to contend with invisible, biting insects, smilax vine and household rubbish. … Continued

All Going Well

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We’ve been working hard on the Machala trail. It’s very beautiful and much wider that I though. Yesterday many people came to see us! Tasoula brought us frappe, juice and snacks, Tom came and helped (he chopped brambles back and … Continued

Walk no.9 Petrovrissi

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This trail has had essential maintenance carried out and is now reopened. Thanks so much to volunteers Cristian and Fabio. We still couldn’t find out why there is no longer any water flowing at the spring, in spite of our … Continued