Skopelos to Papou (Monk’s Trail)

We’ve been working very hard with maintenance work but over the last three days have actually reopened a portion of calderimi that has been closed for at least 35 years. I’ve walked by it many times but only recently got to thinking that this portion of the trail just didn’t make sense. So, I started sniffing around and in fact one of my volunteers discovered a wide, cobbled (calderimi) in the bushes. This year I was able to get it reopened. It’s behind the Tzukala spring, Glysteri. The reason it was detoured is because a portion of the supporting wall had collapsed. For hikers this is no problem but I guess if you had a mule it would be more problematical.


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So trail clearing is fast approaching and I can’t wait to get stuck in. There will be so much to do. The first volunteer arrives 4 April and he’s from the UK. There will then be volunteers arriving and departing continuously until the end of June. Our objectives will be:

to carry out maintenance work on open trails

to continue reopening the old trail to Kalogeros

to create more seating/picnic areas

to improve signage

to reopen the old trail from Glossa village to TACAN

If you’d like to join us, even it’s just for a day, or are able to offer an evening meal at any time, please let me know.

Happy Hiking!

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