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So trail clearing is fast approaching and I can’t wait to get stuck in. There will be so much to do. The first volunteer arrives 4 April and he’s from the UK. There will then be volunteers arriving and departing continuously until the end of June. Our objectives will be:

to carry out maintenance work on open trails

to continue reopening the old trail to Kalogeros

to create more seating/picnic areas

to improve signage

to reopen the old trail from Glossa village to TACAN

If you’d like to join us, even it’s just for a day, or are able to offer an evening meal at any time, please let me know.

Happy Hiking!

sweeping our work


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  1. Agnes Kaelin, Zurich, Elvetia

    Dear Heather
    I am looking forward to walk the trails you have cleared. I will be in Skopelos beginning of June for 3 weeks. I will then make a donation for a dinner for you and your volunteers.
    Thank you for your great work!
    Kind regards and see you in Skopelos

    • Heather Parsons

      Hi Agnes
      Thank you for your very kind offer. I’ll be posting regularly once the programme gets going and I look forward to catching up with you upon your arrival.
      Kind regards

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