What we thought would be a particularly tough day, turned out to be not so bad but the chain saw was in use through-out. Two huge trees had come down at Ag Ianni Skleri, blocking the trail. There was no way we could move them, so we just removed all it’s branches and hikers have to duck under the trunks to pass. We had a bit of time to spare so went down to Panormos to do a quick trim. Wrong. More trees had fallen over this final piece of the trail. So we did some work and today we will get the chain saw going again and thus will have completed clearing the entire trail from Skopelos to Panormos.

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  1. Ursula Möckel

    I appreciate soooo much you are taking care of old calderimi.
    When I first came to Skopelos in 2000 I could not find any walking paths.
    Then in April 2002 I first met you at the little shop that doesn´t exist any more; it was so cold in the little house on Kastro (called Agapi-Mou)that I had decided to buy a stove.
    That evening you introduced me to Nana & Kate, we were upstairs at Alexandros´.
    I haven´t been to Skopelos since 2012 but never gave up visiting the island by
    Last Sunday I booked a flight: staying on the island for the first 2 weaks of JUNE!!!! I am longing for the calderimis! My sister in law HEIDI and her daughter BRIGITTE will be there in May.

    Looking forward on meeting you
    Ursula from Germany

    • Heather Parsons

      Thank you so much for your kind comments. We really appreciate this feed-back. So many trails are blocked by fallen trees due to the harsh, snowy winter. We are trying to get round to as many as possible on top of widening and rediscovering and opening other trails. Hope to meet you during your visit. Regards h.

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