posted in: Spring 2018 | 2 hasn’t disappointed and teams for the spring are being assembled. Volunteers from Northern Ireland, the USA, Canada, Spain, Germany and the UK have been booked in and I can’t wait to get started again around 12 March.  I’m also excited about the prospect of new pictorial signs for the Retsina Trail and the Monk’s Trail. An app is also in the pipeline that will enable hikers to buy single hikes for use with their smart phone.

Apart from tidying up existing trails, we hope to reopen an old section of trail from Glossa village up to TACAN (it then continues down to Taxiarkis), the trail to the tower at Loutsa and the continuation of the trail to Kalogeros.

If you notice any particularly overgrown trails, please let us know and we’ll do our best to get them cleared.

by Erik

Good-bye Debbi and Jay – better late than never


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Before setting off, remember to take water with you. Check with the Skopelos Trails guide book if there’s a spring enroute from which you can replenish your water bottle. There’s also a list of all the springs across the island on page 11. If the water is running, it will be safe to drink

End of the Clearing Year – 2017

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It’s been a very busy and successful year. We’ve had 20 volunteers from 8 difference countries: Australia 1, Canada 1, France 1, India 1, Italy 3, New Zealand 2, Sweden 1, UK 4, USA 6.  We also had help from 3 UK and 4 German ex pats, 1 South African and two regular tourist visitors.

We have cleared and reopened all of the Skopelos to Panormos trail which was blocked throughout with fallen trees, the small portion of calderimi at Profitis Ilias, portion of trail below Sotiris monastery, part of the trail from Mili hamlet up towards Ag Marina, portion 2 and 3 of The Monk’s Trail, Glysteri, the trail to Petrovrissi, the Petrovrissi spring itself and a spring on the Old Stafilos Road, part of the Retsina Trail at Anania and Pirgos, the calderimi above Palio Clima toward Ag Iannis and the calderimi between Machala and Palio Clima.

Thanks must also be given to hotels Dionysos, Regas House and Pension Sotos plus Glossa Houses for donating accommodation, all the people in Glossa and Skopelos town who provided meals and last but not least, to Nick Orfanos for sharpening the chainsaw blade etc. We also received a donation which enabled us to buy two new pairs of loppers to replace the two pairs of Gardina ones that snapped.

We will be back again 1 March 2018. Have a good winter!

Good-bye Flaminia & Hamish

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Together with Emilie and myself, these volunteers worked so hard on The Monk’s Trail and I thank them so very much. As if the wasps weren’t enough, we had to contend with invisible, biting insects, smilax vine and household rubbish. The exit/entrance to the trail was totally overgrown and it took us a few hours of chopping and garbage removal to find it. This was particularly unpleasant as there was the constant pong of rubbish in the air. But they never complained and just got stuck in. Once the trail had been found, it was full steam ahead. We are so close to meeting up with cleared trail approached from the Glysteri valley but encountered a mass of fallen trees in a gully that blocked our way. Such a pity they won’t be around personally to see the final chop that will join the trails together. Bon voyage/kalo taxithi guys.

Thanks also to Regas House hotel for donating their accommodation.


All Going Well

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We’ve been working hard on the Machala trail. It’s very beautiful and much wider that I though. Yesterday many people came to see us! Tasoula brought us frappe, juice and snacks, Tom came and helped (he chopped brambles back and found a wall), then Harald and Martina passed by and finally Lisa came and helped. We feel very supported. The evening meal system is working well too. Thank you so much.



5 Reasons you should do a Workaway

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1. Every cause needs a person like Heather. She is passionate about her project, incredibly focused on her mission of clearing trails, and is determined to make sure her workawayers have a quality experience.

2. The project is so interesting. What could be better than working very hard to uncover stone trails that have been hidden away for decades. It’s like a scavenger hunt/archaeology dig where you are constantly finding treasures. (If you think that finding hidden stone trails is a treasure) Thinking about the islanders who used donkeys to transport themselves and their goods from place to place on these trails makes you realize how hard working the people were, as well as what good builders they were to create these trails. I think the project is tremendous.

3. Heather is awesome. She is the perfect host(ess). Not only did she provide dinners on the evenings when we worked, but she brought us around with her on the island, invited us to join her on her hikes, took us to the beach every day, took us sightseeing, introduced us to her friends, showed us what tsipouro was and oriented us to Greece, island life, and Skopelos. She made us feel so comfortable in Skopelos and prepared us for the rest of our time in Greece.

4. The people on the island who support the project are awesome: Heather has enlisted the help of many people who help make the volunteers’ time very comfortable and feel well taken care of. The hoteliers union has donated rooms for the volunteers to stay in and people cooked us food, bought us drinks, transported us from one part of the island to another, and generally made us feel welcome and valued

5. The whole thing is just a lot of fun. Jay and I had a blast on Skopelos. When we left, I actually burst into tears and even Jay was a bit choked up when we waved good-bye from the ferry. I LOVED Skopelos and our workaway experience.

Debbi Perkul




Skopelos Trails goes to Glossa

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A beautiful stretch of calderimi running between Machala and Palio Clima has been selected for clearing. Arriving on Monday 2 October will be Kate and Abbi from the States and Emma from the UK. We will all be staying as guests of Roger and Jo of Glossa Houses, without whom this clear would not be possible. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

All are welcome to give us a hand, if you live or are staying in the Glossa area. Gloves and equipment provided. We are also looking for donated dinners (take-away or in your home) for the volunteers between 3-7 October.

Please contact Heather on 6945249328 if you are able to help.