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Skopelos Trails is now an official non-profit organisation. We are in the process of opening a bank account should you wish to make a donation. We have also made our first official complaint to the council regarding fenced areas on the trails. They are obliged to look into the matter and discuss at the next council meeting. In the meantime, no response to my request to take one of the council rooms on the port; offered several years ago when I wasn’t able to accept due to lack of support (which I now have).

We are still working a few hours a day at Kimissia, trying to create an extreme cycle route which will also help the walker as it entails widening the trail in general.

The New 10b Hike

At last this route is open. It’s 9km and took us 3 hours to walk. It’s not in the Skopelos Trails book but can be downloaded via the Map App.

It’s taken over three months to complete and there is still a bit of work to do. Please note that just beyond the Prof. Ilias water tank there are some dogs, one of which is free. A bit of asphalt to walk once you get to the heliport area/Petraki cross roads but some lovely views over to Evia. It’s then down into the coolness of the forest and over our bridge. Going down Kimissia there’s an illegal fence across the trail but you can open it.

I’d like to thank all the volunteers who have worked on this route; David, Jenna, Nikos, Che, Hannah, Alexa, Dee, Jackie, Clive, Amy, Pamela and our chainsaw extraordinaire Manolis Palaiologos.

Why Not Apple

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Since introducing the Map App, several people have asked ‘Why only android? Why not Apple? Well, I didn’t know, so I asked the app developer and this is his answer.

In order to develop for Apple, you have to pay royalties. For android, there are no costs. Also I don’t personally have an Apple laptop. If you have an Apple application, it can’t be free.

So there’s your answer.





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When writing about blocked trails, it’s usually regarding a mean land owner but this time, we are the culprits!! Whilst trying to cut down and remove a tree and use it as a bridge in the remma on the Kimissia trail, everything went a bit wrong. So for the moment, the trail is blocked although it is possible to crawl under the foliage. We’ll get back there asap.

Kimissia, Pefkias

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We’ve been working very hard to get this trail open and I guess you can say that it now is, although there are still a few finishing touches to be made. You have to know that there are two illegal fences across it on the Kambos side but they can be opened. The stream bed (remma) is a bit difficult to cross but we will sort that out soon. From the remma down to Kambos and then Episcopi (Ring Road) the length is 2.23km. I’ll be posting a complete length as soon as I’ve GPSed it. 

Still at Kimissia – Walk 17

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Since 11 May, we’ve been working very hard to reopen this beautiful trail that runs between Pirgos and Kambos. Due to a huge fallen tree, it became impassable only two years ago during the snowy winter and nature has taken over.  Added to this, someone has blocked the way with two illegal fences; one is sealed (from the Kambos end) the other has a door of sorts (the Pirgos end). We’ve been working our way down into the stream bed from the Pirgos end. The huge tree plus others have now been removed and it is possible to pass. But what about the fence? People in Pirgos now know that we have reopened half of the trail and I just hope that word will get back to the fence owner. Otherwise we’ll just have to make a formal complaint.

KIMISSIA – Walk 17

This trail runs between Pefkia and Kambos and was totally blocked. Hampered also by the fact that a neighbouring land owner has encroached onto the trail and taken half it but erecting a very stout fence. Crazy. Several years ago, he actually totally fenced off the trail head at the Pefkia end. We cut it and we will invite him to reposition or better still, remove his illegal fence before we do the same.

Current volunteers are Nicos from Canada, Hannah from Wales and Che from Scotland. They’re doing a great job in difficult conditions and full sun. I’m also so grateful to Paniotis P for his continual weekly help. I can hardly believe that after so many years I finally have the support, encouragement and understanding of a local.

Thanks also to Debbie and friends for supplying us with much needed, heavy duty gloves that withstand the dreaded Smilax. 

Tzelali picnic area

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We had a great day today trying to get this area back into shape so you can at least use it. The ‘table’ can’t be moved though as it’s too heavy. Che did a great job clearing the side of the spring and found some lovely semi-circular steps. Elene made a little path to guide walkers down/up the way as there’s a big hole to the side. I removed 4 metal bars and attached wire fencing that was wrapped around the kiosk beam together with a metal bin. We’re trying to find the manhole cover on the top of the spring so it can be cleaned and made suitable for human consumption but it’s somewhat buried.  We hope to finish day after tomorrow but it always takes longer than we think!


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For several days now we have been working hard to clear this area. We’ve cleared the path down into the valley and along the dry river bed. We’ve also completely reopened and cleaned the small portion of calderimi that leads up to the asphalt toward Kalogeros. The river bed is now full of bolders and isn’t easy to walk but at least clear of fallen trees and low hanging vegetation. The picnic area around the spring has been trashed by the floods also. We’ve cleaned the spring though around the outside.

So it’s now possible to do a nice circular walk from Profit Ilias area, down to the Glysteri road, up the other side via Tzukala to the trash area, turn left along the asphalt, down the newly opened calderimi to Tzelali, along the river bed, then up again by the deers to the asphalt.