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Having walked this one today, I found that the little bridge, as mentioned on page 71, has been blocked off due to a landslide. The owner of Rania was kind enough to let us through her building so we were able to pick up the trail after the damaged area, but you may not be so lucky. So unfortunately, you’ll have to keep to the road.

On a happy note, there’s a possibility that repairs will be carried out next spring by the new owner of the nearby Avra hotel, currently under refurbishment. Let’s hope.


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Welcome to our first Autumn volunteers, Debbi and Jay from Cleveland, Ohio, USA, So far we’ve cleared the Asteriathes spring on the Old Road to Stafilos and made a start on the calderimi from Palio Clima up towards Ag Iannis. This was started last spring and is a big job. We have already removed a large fallen tree from the track, thanks to Jay’s chain saw skills and a joint log rolling effort to get it over the side.

Guided Hike from Palio Clima to Ag Iannis

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The second hike of the season will take place on Sunday 10th September. Meet at the taxi rank at 9am. The bus timetable changed so we have to get ourselves to Clima by taxi. Four sharing will work out at 7 euros each, so not so bad. Hike over to Ag Iannis, back the same way, through the village then down to KataKalou/Loutraki and bus back to Skopelos.

Trail Clearing – Autumn 2017

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The Trail Clearing season is nearly here and thoughts turn to volunteers, accommodation, equipment and where to start first! There’s no shortage of volunteers and our first arrivals will be Debbi and Jay from the USA, arriving 8 September, followed by Christian and Fabio from Italy then Emma from the UK. We also have several tourists who’ve booked themselves in for a day of work! Thank you all so much!by Erik


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Skopelos Trails is taking a break for July and August although we will still be available for online help and advice. See you in September when trail clearing will begin again. Our first volunteers are already booked in; Debbi and Jay from the USA followed by Cristian and Fabio from Italy.

Emily and local cat

Walk 9 Petrovrissi

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Yesterday I took some friends on this 3 hour walk. Everything was fine until the pile of sand, section 43. Beyond, until we reached the spring, it was absolute jungle and should not be attempted unless you’re wearing long trousers and don’t mind ducking and diving. I’ve cut a way through but it needs a lot of work to reopen the trail properly. I have so many other trails on the list but will get round to this one in due course.

Walk 9

2005. The good old days

Walk 23 Old Clima to Ag Iannis – 4.76 km

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The first section is an overgrown calderimi (portion 80) so today we spent several hours clipping back the myrtle which revealed portions of a beautiful, wide calderimi. It will take several days to complete and I can’t get back there for several days due to other commitments. I also added a couple of bootprint logo signs in both directions (from the bus stop and from the village) in case there is any doubt as to where to go. I also added a painted sign to the turn-off by the orchard. Thank you very much to Tyrone from South Africa, for donating a second day during your holiday. You did a great job!

Walk 7 – Tzelali

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I’ve already reported in a previous post that following the flood of 2015, this route is blocked. Well, nothing has changed and it still is. However, some intrepid Danish friends manage to get there and back with these images to confirm that it is not a good idea to try this route. Until the local council take action it will unfortunately remain so, as earth moving equipment will be required.

Walk 8 section beyond section 37 Ag Marina

A tree had fallen down across the trail here so WA volunteer Annabelle, part-time resident Jane and regular tourist Flemming and I spent half a day clearing it away as well as tidying up this section and widening where possible.

We also took a look at the spring (pic.35) and the now stream bed of the Spring Route. During the floods, a massive amount of water came down the mountain and made its way through here, creating a deep ravine. The path has been totally destroyed although it’s still possible to walk along from Mili Hamlet to the spring (just about).