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Walk 6 return route no.2.

This is still work in progress. You can’t get much further beyond the spring (we’ve got as far as co-ordinates 39.13731, 23.714224) but getting as far as we’ve cleared is quite a pleasant walk in itself but you’ll have to return back the same way as it’s still blocked at the tip.


Walk 8 pic.35

The spring route is blocked after the spring.


Walk 18 pic. 61

This where we’re working at the moment. There’s a tree down as the trail meanders it’s way up the Anania Hill towards Ag Nikolaus.

Welcome to new volunteer Annabelle Demy from France. I’ll be posting images soon.


A Perfect Day

After a couple of gloomy, overcast, drizzly days, we were able to get out for Clare and Sylvan’s final working day. We chose The Retsina Trail which just needed a bit of a trim. The air was fresh and the views 3D. We’ve inspected nearly all of The Restina Trail and it looks in great shape with no blockages.

Thanks so much to Clare and Sylvan for all the hard work, company and good times. What more could one ask?

Giving a trim

The Retsina Trail & Other things

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Today there was just Clare and myself. I drove round to the rubbish tip with a view to working DOWN from the trail head to meet up with where we’ve been working up to it for the last few days. However, the amount of rubbish was so bad, it just wasn’t possible. A disgusting, smelly mess. I really don’t have a solution. So I decided to take a look at the condition of The Retsina Trail. All good. Long grass and a bit of clipping required, but on the whole, passable. Meanwhile, back at Tsukalus spring, Sylvan has made another seat with a lovely view to Glysteri.



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It’s THAT time of year again unfortunately; tics and green-eyed horse flies (locally called ‘devils’ diavolos). Both are after your blood so be careful.

In the meantime, we are two pairs of hands down; Pamela got badly slashed by some barbed Smilax aspera and Steph had to leave early due to the ferry strike. Heal quickly Pamela and thank you Steph for all your help, carried out with enthusiasm and a smile.

Walks 13-16 section 57

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We’d been told about fallen trees blocking this section so decided to have a look. Not good. But we made a start on the first blockage nearest Sotiros. The tree was so big, my chainsaw was too small, but we’ve removed all the branches and Sylvan sawed a foot plate so you can climb over the trunk.

The Monk’s Trail – Tsukalus spring section 25-26

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Day 2 of working on this exquisite section. Several hikers came along, hoping to continue on but it would have been impossible. There are tree limbs broken off everywhere. The land owner also visited us. He’s taken advantage of suddenly being able to get to parts of his property, previously jungle and has already been sawing up logs ready for next winter. Thank goodness his attitude was friendly as it’s not always the case! So we’ve got to just beyond the spring and will be working our way up towards the tip.

Welcome back Sylvan from New Zealand! Sylvan was part of last year’s Retsina Trail clearing team.

Another Trail Reopened

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Delighted to say that Walk 6 section 22-23 IS NOW OPEN AGAIN!!

We worked very hard indeed on this trail, not only removing the fallen trees and shrubs but also widening it. We’ve already started on the continuation of this trail, section 25-26.

Steph, Clare, Heather and Pamela
at Glysteri. Part of the Monks Trail


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Say ‘Hello’ to our newest arrivals; Steph from Liverpool and Clare from Worthing;  both from UK. We are clearing the way down into the Glysteri valley from near Profitis Ilias, which is Walk 6, section 22. This trail has been totally blocked by fallen trees and large shrubs. I’d say we’re about half way down. Meanwhile, regular volunteer Pamela, has been exposing a beautiful piece of avrahyah (supporting wall) at the entrance to this section of trail. It never ceases to amaze me how much time and expertise went in to building them. The least we can do is uncover them so you can appreciate them too!